Friday, 16 December 2011

The Process of Growing Up

One thing I’ve learned is that just because God puts a dream in our hearts doesn’t mean it’s
going to come to pass without any opposition. See, God is going to grow us up. He’s going to
mature us. He’s going to prepare us to handle the promotion He has in store.
I think about Joseph in the Bible. Starting out, he didn’t have a whole lot of wisdom. He was
young and immature, and God had to do a work in his life. Joseph probably shouldn’t have told
his brothers about his dream that they would one day serve him! As you can imagine, his
brothers were not nearly as excited about that as he was. Long story short, Joseph had to go
through some things to grow up and be ready for the promotion God had in store.
Friend, it’s the same way with us today. You may have a dream in your heart that seems a
million miles away, but just like Joseph, God can take you from the prison to the palace in one
step. During the growing process, keep yourself focused on Him and allow Him to do His work
in your life. Keep a humble attitude of faith before Him, and He will lead you and guide you into
the destiny He has prepared for you!

By Joel & Victoria Osteen

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