Saturday, 29 October 2011


Reflect: The other day, I had the opportunity to hear a bestselling author describe how she knew writing was her gift from the time she was a little girl. As she grew, she made a commitment to writing--even deciding to "marry" writing. She kept her commitment to show up to write everyday. And she discovered that when she showed up for writing, writing showed up for her.

As Christians, we recognize God as the source of all our gifts, and we know he always shows up for us. When we show up to serve God, he is ready to empower us with spiritual gifts that cause good things to happen. But there are times when he is ready to make something good happen, and I have not shown up to allow him to work through me.
Showing up is as simple as sitting down to write, or picking up my camera, musical instrument, or brush. It is noticing a need and showing up ready and available to listen, love, or serve. When I show up, I can count on God to show up.
As a counselor and photographer, I am amazed at how God gives me the wisdom to solve a difficult problem, or provides that moment of light that allows me to capture something of rare beauty on film. When these things happen, I know God is doing his thing.

React: Whatever your gift, show up willing and available. Step out in faith and see what
            God does. As the saying goes, half of life is just showing up!

Pray: Lord, I accept the truth that I am gifted, needed and wanted. I won't cave in to fear.
         Instead I will show up for you, trusting you to show up for me.

From East Lake Volunteers
Listen to this as you reflect...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Godly wisdom can be defined as the capacity to see things the way the Lord sees them and to respond according to His principles. One of the great benefits of this mindset is inner peace and contentment. Generally, when life's running smoothly and all is well with us and our loved ones, we have no trouble experiencing contentment. But so often when situations become difficult, God's perspective eludes us, and our peace is rapidly replaced with stress, anxiety, and fear.
To view a difficult circumstance from the Lord's perspective, we need to see it encompassed by the boundaries of His character and attributes. Even when the particulars of life are beyond our control,
the One who rules the universe remains sovereign over all things - down to the smallest details. He loves us unconditionally and always works for our best interest. Therefore, if He has allowed a situation, there is a divine plan and reason, and the outcome will be for our good and His glory.
That wise perspective will lead to a godly response - complete confidence and trust in the Lord despite any pain or hardship. Because of the indwelling Spirit, we have the assurance that He is more than adequate for whatever comes our way, which means we are sufficient in Him.
When difficulty hits, don't let sound wisdom vanish from your sight. Keep your eyes on the Lord. By seeing every situation through His eyes, you can rest in His wisdom and good purposes. Then stress will lift, anxiety will be replaced with peace, and confidence in the Lord will silence your fears.

Proverbs 3:13-26

Reflect with this song:  
Lead me Lord by Gary Valenciano

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Once upon a time there were three little pigs and the time came for them to leave home and seek their fortunes. Before they left their Mother told them “Whatever you do, do it the best that you can because that’s the way to get along in the world.”

Peter is an intelligent pig. He uses his intelligence in making decisions for his life. He is totally independent.

On his journey Peter meet an old man. The old man warned Peter, “Be careful son. On that dark alley there is a big bad wolf”. Peter replied, “Don’t worry old man. I can outwit him. I am the brightest pig in the world!” “And please! Don’t call me son.”

Peter continued his journey and on the dark alley he meets the big bad wolf. The wolf said, “Aren’t you scared of me Peter? Peter answered,” Why should I be scared of you? I am smarter than you.” The wolf then said, “Alright. Try to ask me whatever you want, if you win you can pass, if I win I will eat you” And so Peter ask the big bad wolf of every possible questions that he knows the wolf will not be able to answer. But to his amazement, the wolf was able to answer them all correctly. The big bad wolf eats Peter.

James is a strong pig. With his strength he could lift big boulders. Like Peter, James is also totally reliant with himself.

Along his journey he also meets the old man who warned Peter. The old man warned James, “Be careful. On that dark alley there is a big bad wolf”. James replied, “Don’t worry old man. I will use my full strength to defeat the big bad wolf” “And please! Don’t call me son.”
James continued and came across with the big bad wolf in the dark alley. The wolf said, “Hey! James. Aren’t you scared of me?” James replied, ”Why should I? I am stronger than you”. The wolf then challenged James into a wrestling match. If James wins he can pass, if the big bad wolf wins he will eat James. James uses his strength to defeat the big bad wolf but the wolf is too quick for him that he tires out and losses the match. And so, the wolf eats James.

John is a humble pig. He puts God’s first in everything that he does. He puts his Faith into action. He knows that he needs God to conquer the world.

Along his journey, John meets and old man. The old man warned John, “Be careful son. On that dark alley there is a big bad wolf.” John replied with a mile, ”Thanks a lot father! I am afraid but I need to go through that dark alley to get along with the world. Jesus will be with me, I know he will.”
John went along with his journey and on the dark alley he saw the big bad wolf. John told himself, “Don’t be afraid. Jesus is with you.” John continues to walk and as he comes near the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf runs scared away from John.
The old man asked the big bad wolf, “Why did you run from the pig?” The big bad wolf answered, “I did not saw a pig. I saw a man with a staff shining bright like a sun.”
John passed through the dark valley and gets along with the world not just relying on his strength but letting God’s spirit works on him. And he journeys happily ever after.

Friends, Like the Three Little Pigs in the story we are also making our journey in what we called life. On our journey God will send us warning to stop and listen for a while. Would you let God’s spirit work on you? Or would you merely rely on human strength? The choice is yours whether you want to end like Peter, James or John.

Monday, 17 October 2011

My Everyday Sources of Inspiration; Thoughts that kept Me Motivated to Keep doing the Right Thing...

This Blog is my way of saying "Thank You" for all the Inspirational Messages that people have shared to me. I have received this messages on times that I am down, on times when everything that I do seems all wrong, on times that I wanted to give up. This Messages simply comes unexpected, as if it is a way of God embracing saying  , "My Son, I am here. Don't forget that I am still sovereign of all things. I have created you in my own image and likeness. Make use of the Talent that I have given you, Move on, face the storm, don't be afraid, I am here with you..."

My first encounter with this Song is when I am still in High School at Letran College Manila. I joined a Glee Club back then. I was in my Senior I want to be remembered that's why I joined the Club but I never thought that I will be singing our Alma Mater Song on our Graduation Day. This is a very nice song. Listen to this, feel it... and you will feel God's embrace. He will pick you up and raise you with his arms.