Saturday, 22 October 2011


Once upon a time there were three little pigs and the time came for them to leave home and seek their fortunes. Before they left their Mother told them “Whatever you do, do it the best that you can because that’s the way to get along in the world.”

Peter is an intelligent pig. He uses his intelligence in making decisions for his life. He is totally independent.

On his journey Peter meet an old man. The old man warned Peter, “Be careful son. On that dark alley there is a big bad wolf”. Peter replied, “Don’t worry old man. I can outwit him. I am the brightest pig in the world!” “And please! Don’t call me son.”

Peter continued his journey and on the dark alley he meets the big bad wolf. The wolf said, “Aren’t you scared of me Peter? Peter answered,” Why should I be scared of you? I am smarter than you.” The wolf then said, “Alright. Try to ask me whatever you want, if you win you can pass, if I win I will eat you” And so Peter ask the big bad wolf of every possible questions that he knows the wolf will not be able to answer. But to his amazement, the wolf was able to answer them all correctly. The big bad wolf eats Peter.

James is a strong pig. With his strength he could lift big boulders. Like Peter, James is also totally reliant with himself.

Along his journey he also meets the old man who warned Peter. The old man warned James, “Be careful. On that dark alley there is a big bad wolf”. James replied, “Don’t worry old man. I will use my full strength to defeat the big bad wolf” “And please! Don’t call me son.”
James continued and came across with the big bad wolf in the dark alley. The wolf said, “Hey! James. Aren’t you scared of me?” James replied, ”Why should I? I am stronger than you”. The wolf then challenged James into a wrestling match. If James wins he can pass, if the big bad wolf wins he will eat James. James uses his strength to defeat the big bad wolf but the wolf is too quick for him that he tires out and losses the match. And so, the wolf eats James.

John is a humble pig. He puts God’s first in everything that he does. He puts his Faith into action. He knows that he needs God to conquer the world.

Along his journey, John meets and old man. The old man warned John, “Be careful son. On that dark alley there is a big bad wolf.” John replied with a mile, ”Thanks a lot father! I am afraid but I need to go through that dark alley to get along with the world. Jesus will be with me, I know he will.”
John went along with his journey and on the dark alley he saw the big bad wolf. John told himself, “Don’t be afraid. Jesus is with you.” John continues to walk and as he comes near the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf runs scared away from John.
The old man asked the big bad wolf, “Why did you run from the pig?” The big bad wolf answered, “I did not saw a pig. I saw a man with a staff shining bright like a sun.”
John passed through the dark valley and gets along with the world not just relying on his strength but letting God’s spirit works on him. And he journeys happily ever after.

Friends, Like the Three Little Pigs in the story we are also making our journey in what we called life. On our journey God will send us warning to stop and listen for a while. Would you let God’s spirit work on you? Or would you merely rely on human strength? The choice is yours whether you want to end like Peter, James or John.

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