Monday, 17 October 2011

My Everyday Sources of Inspiration; Thoughts that kept Me Motivated to Keep doing the Right Thing...

This Blog is my way of saying "Thank You" for all the Inspirational Messages that people have shared to me. I have received this messages on times that I am down, on times when everything that I do seems all wrong, on times that I wanted to give up. This Messages simply comes unexpected, as if it is a way of God embracing saying  , "My Son, I am here. Don't forget that I am still sovereign of all things. I have created you in my own image and likeness. Make use of the Talent that I have given you, Move on, face the storm, don't be afraid, I am here with you..."

My first encounter with this Song is when I am still in High School at Letran College Manila. I joined a Glee Club back then. I was in my Senior I want to be remembered that's why I joined the Club but I never thought that I will be singing our Alma Mater Song on our Graduation Day. This is a very nice song. Listen to this, feel it... and you will feel God's embrace. He will pick you up and raise you with his arms.


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  1. This video is really encouraging: