Monday, 28 October 2013

Let Small Problems Remain Small

Benjamin Disraeli said, Little things affect little minds.

I know of people who treat every little conflict, every little irritation, every little obstacle as a life-and-death emergency.  I pity them.  Because if we want to win in life, a master skill that we need to learn is the ability to let small problems remain small—and believe me, most of our problems are small.

Wisdom is knowing what to overlook.

Many years ago, before I became a personal finance teacher, a friend of mine asked for help.  He was working for a credit organization and wanted me to invest there so that he could earn a little from the commission of my investment.  So I liked the interest rates he was giving me and dumped half of my life savings in his company (I repeat: At that time, I still had zero financial literacy.) 

One morning, I learned that his whole company collapsed and I saw all my money disappear in a wink of an eye…

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By Bo Sanchez

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  1. Hello, Ferdinand. Yes, it seems that many people make such big deals out of the smallest thing. It does bother me at times, but then I think that maybe they may be struggling with something major in there life, so I let it go.

    Welcome back, my friend. Happy November!