Sunday, 5 January 2014

3 Things To Do To Claim Your 2014 Blessings

--By Bo Sanchez

Let me tell you something that will blow your mind.
God created an entire warehouse of blessings for YOU.  
Your name—in big bold letters—is plastered on the roof of your warehouse.  By the way, your warehouse is sooooooo huge, it doesn’t fit planet earth.  It has to be located in Heaven.  And it’s stocked with every conceivable blessing for your life. It’s filled with joy, love, peace, wisdom, guidance, health, strength… and yes, financial blessings too.  Heaps and heaps and heaps of blessing!
       Here’s the problem: Many people don’t know HOW to claim their blessings.
       Because of this, many people live lives that lack blessings.  The blessings remain in the warehouse—untouched, unclaimed, and unused.
Today, at the start of this year, I’ll share with you 3 specific strategies to claim those blessings.  And have a spectacular year.

       Make these 3 commitments today.

       Here we go…(Click here to continue reading)

Have a Happy & a Prosperous New Year!!!

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